Engaging two days in Blackburn. The home of the Euwbank and secret location (Clithero) of the development of the jet engine by Frank Whittle.

Professor Daniel Carney enriched the two days with some intelligent and meaningful insights into the value and future of making – stressing the need for more maturity and differentiated practice.

My Purposeful Practice session discussed the need for creatives to become experts in something through critical reflective practice. Specifically, how understanding how to master a process, technique and or material can lead to the creation of additional value and meaning and the building creative confidence.

Craftmanship (not craft) and mastery of skills were discussed via the humble Lancashire hot pot! Reflecting on how some dishes are infinitely better than others due to the ability of the cook to tenderise the meet better, make more tasty pastry and or create more pleasing flavours! This does not happen by chance!

It’s achieved through hours of purposeful practice driven by a questioning mindset!